New to Jmonkey & Java, but know a few other script languages

Hi everyone,

First i will start with sorry if this is in the wrong section but it was the best place i could find.

The Question i had was about learning Jmonkey, i’m planning to make Single and multiplayer games with Jmonkey and i have the time to do all the tutorials on the site and find out a few things. I know that this is possible in Java ( so also probably in J monkey ).

But the problem i have is that i see everywhere: “learn Java first before starting with Jmonkey”
do you guys think its possible to learn Jmonkey without learning Java from pure java tutorials first? but learning it by paying around, doing all the tutorials and a lot of google!

The experience i have is with a few differed script languages ( like: PHP, Mysql, Jquery( javascript), CSS, Html(5) ) and as far as i see its a lot similar to PHP with the classes and everything. that why i thought i would be able to learn it with playing around in Jmonkey ( because i learn script languages fast ).

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Me ( Sander )

Funny we were discussing this yesterday.
The conversation ended with some funny quotes, so here is mine :
“Learning JME before learning Java is like learning to pee before learning to lower your pants…you’ll feel warm at first, but you’ll end up with pee on your shoes”.

There is no way around learning Java if you want to learn JME. PHP is object oriented as Java but that’s the only thing those language have in common.
If you have some knowledge in those languages, the process shouldn’t be painful though, but do yourself a favor an learn the basis before going head first into JME.

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Thank you :slight_smile:
i will look at the website as soon as i get home!

My favorite site for learning new languages is
Of course, you have to aim solving the problems with most idiomatic solution for given language, which requires a bit of discipline and research - but thats exactly the learning process.

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You are asking the right questions :slight_smile:

The main difference is that Java is a full programming language not a scripting language. You will find it much more powerful but also much more rigid about how it expects things to be done. You should read things like the official Java style guidelines as well and get into the habit of following them early too since they will make it much easier for people to read your code.

With this attitude I give you much better chances than most of the other people who turn up here not knowing Java ;D


Yep, mistaking java for a scripting language is one of the most common mistakes made by new users.

i thing u need basics in java, couse without it u’l spend lots of time googlin and trying to understand code.
i had simple java knowledge but still took lots of time to understand jme, escpecialy controls and appstates.

Edit: also i have exp with the same techniques as u, about 10 years :slight_smile: + python and C/C++