New to Jmonkey. Please help me get some things cleared

Hi all. I've been working with Java programming for about a year now. I've made games in Adobe Director but their syntax are just kinda awkward and not what i'm more familiar with the general syntax of most common language.

In Director, I would create my game world from a w3d file ( exported from 3dsmax, maya etc… ). I've been looking into JME for a while now and is it true that it supports only OBJ files? And is that how you would use to create your 3d world?

Please correct me if i'm not understanding the engine correctly, but can JME create multiPlayer games? and how so? have you ever created one?

Thank You for your time reading. I'm really hoping to jump into this engine soon if i can see that what i need is here. I'm curretly creating a multiplayer game in Adobe Director, but i would love to code in a more complex java game instead. It's just more comfortable for me.


Hi, welcome to the forums.

jME has importers for quite a number of file formats, such as  3DS, OBJ, Collada, MS3D, Doom MD3 and MD5.

These all have their own strengths and weaknesses, but you can find support for most features you are likely to need in there somewhere.

For loading entire scenes the support is rather less, though you will find a thread active at the moment on importing BSP scenes. You CAN of course use any of the above formats to import a full scene from most any modelling package. It just might not be the most effecient approach.

As far as multiplayer games (by which I assume you mean over network/internet as normal multiplayer is straightforward), this is not covered by JME itself, but you can use any networking API you choose alongside JME. If you look in the networking section you will see a lot about Darkfrog's JGN API, which seems to be a good option.

I have not personally used it.

JME won't do everything for you (quite a lot though!), but with a little work there is very little that you can't do with JME.

It really depends on what kind of "World" we are talking about here… There are many different ways to handle this, indoor and outdoor use completely different optimization techniques. Also the in-game usage matters as well, stream-based world uses a different format than a level-oriented world.