New to jMonkey, quick question rendering model

I have exported a basic cube from blender using the OgreXML exporter. Imported this model into jMonkeySDK which has created the *.j3o object. I can view the model fine in the scene editor / model viewer. In my main java class I have the following code (loading the model and attatching it to the root scene graph node):

Spatial cube = assetManager.loadModel(“Models/Cube/Cube.j3o”);


Yet, when I run this, I cannot see the cube, I would expect the cube to be at the origin of the scene, and the default camera facing the origin but I get an empty scene.

Any ideas?

Please do the tutorials instead of jumping in head first and then going to the forums directly. I guess you didn’t add a light.

I guess the default scene doesn’t have any lights set up, I will try and set-up ambient lighting in the scene.

That was it, Do’h!