New to Jmonkey very impressed with the tutorials

just introducing myself I go by em3plum which is a mixture of my first and last name. My goal is to develop a goal for the Amazon Fire TV micro console. I have an associates degree in comp science and am working towards the bachelors. I would say I am at an intermediate level as far as java programming goes at this point more comfortable with c++. I must say I am very impressed with the tutorial section here I think I can get a prototype up and running in a couple of weeks, the tutorials are very in depth and give clear concise instructions on how to use the jmonkey api/library. I have used unity and so far the wiki here is light years ahead of unity’s. I would like to thank the people who put this together, I would also like to thank the community in advance for answering any questions I may have.

PS: any advice is highly appreciated as i start my journey.


As a Unity developer at work and JMonkey developer at home I understand what you mean and welcome to this great community :smiley:

Advice I can give:

  • Do not use Unity’s paradigm of programming in JME. While it some cases it may be similar when you use app states and controls compared to Unity’s monebehaviour scripts, think outside the box some more.
  • When you use textures, use DDS format (DTX5 compression). Unity imports images to this format in the editor, but for JME you need to convert them yourself.
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Cheers mate! Major kudos goes out to @zathras for writing the vast majority of all content on our wiki.

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