New user and first impressions of jme3

Hi All. My name is Jaffar, and I am a blind software developer and computer user from Singapore. For the curious, I use a computer with the help of a screen reader, a specialized piece of software that vocally reads and announces textual representations on the computer screen. I am looking into the possibility of developing a game, was doing some research and came across jme3. Although Java is not my favorite programming language, I found that jme3 is highly accessible, meaning that with the help of my screen reader, I am able to use it for coding my game, without having to resort to any third party IDE or resorting to complicated configurations, in other words, jme3 has been useful to me out of the box. Also, i have found it easy to use, and the code easy to learn. Not many open source IDES or frameworks are readily so eccessible and usable out of the box, and for this I must congratulate the team. I’d like to help wherever possible on improving this fantastic games framework, and if there is anywhere in the project, or anyway i can improve usability of this framework among the visually disabled games developers, please count me in. Thanks for your tremendous effort.


Hi, and welcome to the forum.
Would you care to tell a bit about the games you’re making (or planning to make)? Since jMonkeyEngine is usually associated with very graphical output it would be interesting to learn if you’re doing something different.

Hi Jaffar , I am Ali .
Welcome to the forum . I am so glad you chose JME among other game engines. Your interest in making game is so admirable. of course you and me and all others can help to improve JME.
like you, I am also interested in JME . Since a few month a go I have started to learn jme and game developing in Java. And now I am working on a game project right now . For me The most interesting part about JME is that you can do anything you imagine with JME and use other useful Java API 's in your game.
I wish great success for you Jaffar.

Hello and welcome Jaffar. You have made a right choice. JME is a nice piece of software, and i believe you will have a lot of fun with it. All best in your future projects, and do not forget to share with folks here, your results.

Hi Jaffar!

Welcome to the forum! I’m kind of overwhelmed by your posting. I have a disability myself, but it’s “only” a paralyzed left arm. I was aware that there are some blind programmers out there, but I never met someone. I think you are one of those: “Nothing can stop me!” and that’s the right way in my opinion! I wish you good luck with JME. If there is something we can do for you, let us know!

Greetings Tankwart

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Hi. Thanks for your response. I am making a video game, but because I
also want to include visually impaired and blind gamers, it will be
filled with audio cues as well. What I hope to achieve is an integrated
games environment or games server in which both blind and sighted gamers
can play together on an equal footing. Cheers!

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Yup. Sure will. and thanks for the warm welcome. I already feel a part
of the community. Cheers!

Thank you Ali. I will definitely need a lot of help while working on my
game, but I’m sure It won’t be a problem and I look forward to some day
being able to help other new users as well. Cheers!

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Hi Jaffar,

Just I want to warn you, jmonkey is addictive, since I started using it, my sleep hours decreased dramatically :sleeping: .

specially I do it as hobby, beside my full time job as Java EE developer