New User requesting advice

Greetings, I am a student programmer. Another student and I are working on a game project for our semester long project in one of our classes. We are using jME to create a 2D style space shooter game (like Gradius and R-Type) using 3D graphics.

This is our first attempt at trying to code a game and have gotten stuck on trying to create the controls. We have created our own handler class but have no idea how to create the actions themselves and would appreciate any help you can give, thanks.

These are the actions we are trying to create:

Move UP

Move Down

Move Left

Move Right

Fire Primary

Fire Secondary

This should get you started.

Sorry for responding so late to this but it

Have you had a look at the FurBallz source (linked from main site)  It's a 2d space shooter done with 3d models with all of the controls you mention.

FurBallz is similar but also a quite different, and yes we do have the source however most if it is deprecated and will no longer work.  :frowning: