New video :)

Hey all,

Now that I have a faster machine, I made new, longer and smoother video showcasing 3079:

Thanks and I hope you enjoy it!


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That looks really fun phr00t!

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I can see a lot of work has gone into this, good stuff man :slight_smile:

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Man how do you do it?!

Must have taken LOADS of coding to get this far from last update!

Great job! Hope you make you’r guns and equipment more mc like by making them 3d :slight_smile:

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Loads of coding indeed :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been trying to implement the Shape3D library to make 3D equipment… but it doesn’t come out “quite right” and actually looks worse than the 2D counterparts. If I can find a relatively easy way to convert my images to 3D objects, I’d love that! Maybe I can find a way to modify the Shape3D library to work a little better for my needs…

I’m actually trying to make the world “less blocky” at the moment. I would like more curved / sloped surfaces. :slight_smile:

when i looked, it remind me good old UFO games series :slight_smile: not fallout ;p

btw: great work :slight_smile:

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