New website front page

already made a PR for this :wink:

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Not sure 600 is the right value. The galaxy S4 has a 1024x1900 resolution…
@Kecon could you test again please?

For the showcase page, is it possible to have a static page there for now? From there maybe we can do something clever with generating it from some descriptor files someday but in the mean time at least we’d have a page and could (carefully) accept PR additions/changes.

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I suggest two backups:
1-In the engine developers personal computers.
2-A copy of the project on bitbucket (just in case).

I will until the end of the year try to find a way to modify the website and upload to github to add a showcase functionality.

I will also try to find a way to allow to post content or at least to had content using data from the forum somehow (will obviously contact the lead team regarding this in case any of them has a problem with this).

Also, I will take the time to attempt to include in the showcase a resource link for courses or materials using jMonkey freely available on the web as I prior suggested.

P.S. very very important the new website looks great!

  1. it is already like this. You know how git works, right?
  2. in case of a “githubapocalipse” we can all go home and there’s not bucket of bits that can save us :frowning:

@nehon, it looks much better now. Only miss some from the logo when I get to the site, but it scale down good when I scroll down.


Looks nice and very modern.

About the showcase I think you could put some simple instructions and a template in the wiki so devs can make our own project page and submit them by PR.

If you made the effort to create a game you can also spend half an hour doing some basic html.
The review of this PR should be very quick for the site maintainer.

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I changed the links to the new official wiki in the menu on the forum and on the web site.

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I working on adding the link “edit”, “create” and a search engine.
Some pages need manual adjustement. I’ll start a new topic with more details.

@nehon, I forgot, you could also update the forum top link for Math for dummies, and Scenegraph for dummies, to the new wiki. (the url may change later)

done :wink:

Nehon can you please add your articles to new website or wiki.


Would it be a good idea to have them converted into jekill compatible pages?

Is there a way to search the documentation? There is no search field and a search query like “appstate host:” via search engine, that normally works in most cases, doesn’t work well in this case.

Currently I’m using the outdated wiki inside the SDK (F1 key).

Because the correct search operator is site: site:

Ixquick redirects its queries to Google so I thought the results would be the same.

So Google is the only way to go? Nj, maybe I find a way.

Ah, i totally forgot about the existence of other search engines besides google :laughing:
Afaik adding a way to search, is in the todo list.

The two things that annoy me on an almost daily level or the like of online javadocs and the lack of forum search… so yes, hopefully these things get fixed soon.

However, the best way to see them fixed is to help fix them.

Adding search in the wiki, is in progress. I registered to DocSearch, new website available and I’m waiting they send me the code snippet to integrate (they are working on a new version, and I accepted to use the incoming version).