New website problems

Hey, so today I visited the site in a free period at college and the forums were mostly unusable, The only browser the PCs have installed there is IE9 so I couldn’t compare, I took a screenie and stuck it on imgur so I could post it later.
Can’t replicate the issue at home, but I thought i’d let you know anyways


In the address bar there is an icon that looks like a piece of paper that is torn in the center. Turn that off. It will turn on the Compatibility mode for the browser. This will fix the issue.


Hmm okay thanks still seems like this should be on automatically though?

Phew, thanks IE h4xx0r! We simply do not have the manpower to focus on backwards compatibility for outdated browsers (yeh I realize IE9 is pretty recent, but still, come on Microsoft…) so I’m glad to see there’s a straight forward solution for this.

compatibility could be enabled automatically, there is this tag, when put in header it enables compatible mode