New Wiki

I'm setting up a much more powerful wiki. So, all PMWiki content is being moved over. The syntax is a little different, but not bad. This new wiki will require creating an account and logging in before editing. Right now, I will keep it open for registration. If spammers are able to automatically register, I'll have to change that (request account from me or something).

This is where the tutorials and user's reference will live, so you can view it as I am writing it.

Cream and Darkfrog, you are in the middle of a couple articles, I'm moving them over there now, so you are going to want to edit the new one, not the pmwiki one.

Actually, Cream, because the tutorial you wrote is outdated with the new jME 0.9, I am going to let you move that over. I did recreate your main page. But you can copy the content over.

…what article am I working on? :o


Ummm…how do I change from the default password?  Please tell me I can change it…I don't need yet another random password to remember. :-p


Oh, I thought the networking entries were yours. shrug

Password… whoops. I had a wrong setting. You can now set it during creation, but I don't see a way to change it off hand. I can delete your account and you can recreate it setting your password if you want. Let me know.

EDIT: I went ahead and reset the users, so you'll have to recreate your accounts (setting your own password).

Quick service, you should get a raise! :o