New XML IO based on JME(Im|Ex)porter and compatible Blender exporter

I'm not even sure if there actually is an issue with object animations. I know that I have used that feature in the past, but it might be not properly implemented to work with the XML IO system. But it could definitely not hurt to try it and see how far you get!

I'll give it a go thanks

This is now part of jME 2.0:

The new Blender exporter is available at the jmexml googlecode project.

is the exporter still compatible with jme1.0 foes it have anything new, can't move my present project to 2.0, I use some external libs and I want to concentrate on actually completing my project more than trying to fix broken code

mcbeth said:

is the exporter still compatible with jme1.0

The jME 1.0 exporter is still available, I've cleaned up the jmexml googlecode home page a bit to make it more accessible.

I was talking about the exporter for your newxml, answered my own question…I think, I checked googlecode and realized it hadn't been changed, so is exporter's models compatible with both versions of jme then.

also what was the issue with object animations…would've been nice to have