I'm new to jmonkey and i don't really understand anything about java or scripting, but i would really like to learn it and jmonkey. could anyone direct me to some java tutorials if there are any and does anyone know of any really detailed tutorials on building jmonkey or even a video tut that would be cool.

anyway thanks very much

wocket92  :slight_smile:

Have you done any programming at all before? If not, then starting up with jMonkey would be probably a bit too much. A good way to learn would be with a book I guess. I personally like the Head First series a lot and Head First Java is pretty simple to understand and explains things in a way that should be quite understandable.

Once you have at least a basic (or preferably a bit better) understanding of Java and programming, set up Eclipse for jME (or some other IDE) and look into the tutorials in the Wiki (like this starter).

Sun has a pretty good set of online tutorials.

This is probably the place to start:

Goto and download the Java Standard Edition (J2SE) if you don't have java already.

For books, I'm a big fan of Bruce Excel.  His book is  Thinking in Java, and he has an html version online.

Here’s the link to the book:

And I can copy that this is one of the best books to learn Java and Object Oriented programming. Head First is another cool option.