Newb with JCreator and JME2



I am brand new to JME and JME2. I have been working on games for my website for about 7 months now with my main goal of writing a Online Role Playing Game of course :slight_smile: I have been attempting my RPG in 2d for a few months on and off and finally got my Isometric Tile creator working to the point that I can create maps with layers and objects. After this main developement I started thinking back to my Blitz3d days and how quick and easy it was to create terrain, add models and some code and I had a fully functional world and it took me about the same amount of time. This reflection led me to the JME doorstep. Since I planned on creating the models and using model render images to create the 2d world, why not just make it 3d?

I started looking at JME yesterday with a few failed attempts at getting it running in JCreator. I followed the advice and used Netbeans to get the demos up and running and of course they looked fantastic. I have used Netbeans before and me being the uneducated, keymashing, unorthodox coder I am I found Netbeans to be wayyyy to much overhead application for me with too much menu, add this, point to that, etc. So today I went back to Jcreator. I like it because its so simple for a simple minded guy like me to understand. After searching though more posts today I found the POST that helped me get the Helloworld Tutorial up and running.

I wanted to summarize what I did because there were alot of posts regarding using Jcreator and JME…

I downloaded jME2_0_1-Stable

I copied the lib folder to a new location so I can point all my projects to it more easily. Like c:/MyJava/JME2/LIB

I started a new project with default settings, locations, etc.

I clicked Project->Project Settings then clicked the required Libraries tab

I clicked the new button

For the name in the top box I put JME2/Lib

Then made sure I had the classes tab selected and clicked add archive

I then pointed to the jme.jar archive in my location of c:MyJavaJME2LIB

I clicked add archive again, and continued adding all the jar files in the lib folder.

Once all the jar files were added, I clicked ok.

I made sure I clicked the checkbox next to the new entry of required libraries.

Then I added the LWJGL jar files by doing the same thing as the steps above but naming the required library JME2LIBLIBLWJGL.

I then copied the dll files from my location of c:MyJavaJME2libliblwjglnativewindows to my local working project directory into the class folder there.

I copied the code from the helloworld tutorial into my helloworld project.

I ran the project and it worked. I know you can use the -djava classpath to set the java vm to use the dll files but I really didnt understand how to do that so I just copied the dlls to the class folder of my current project.

I just wanted to say thanks to the community and to the contributors for the help on this one!

Happy to have you Xyled :slight_smile:

I was going to add your how-to to the wiki right away, but then I realized I don’t know what version of JCreator you’re working with. It wasn’t that easy to assume you’re using the latest version either considering it’s a commercial software and I couldn’t see any version numbers on their site.

So, if you could please just register (see bottom) on our wiki then you could take care of the initial doc at least. Just use this page as a point of reference:

All we’re looking for is the same information you posted here though, so don’t worry too much about making it look good, we’ll look over that later.

The new link should be something like this:

I don’t know if JCreator operates with version numbers at all though…

You bet! Will do. I appreciate the feedback.

I should be able to set it up here shortly.


Odd. You're supposed to see it on the left hand side below your text box. They're whitish grey so they could be kinda hard to see. The wrong light strength on your monitor might even render them invisible ^^

Anyhow, here's the official page then:

Update it as you see fit, if you find the save button :wink: Thanks for your time man.

Beautiful! Thanks for finishing that for me. I still dont see the button. But The page was there so thats all that matters.

Thanks again!