Newbee ask for help : about the jME rendering pipeline

Hi , guys:
Sorry for the bothering but I really got confused with jME’s rendering pipeline like : Post-Processor Filters, SceneProcessors, Particle Emitters…
Is anyone can help to explain this topic like what unity do ? Rendering in the Universal Render Pipeline | Universal RP | 8.2.0

I think it should be added to our wiki as well.

There is this document in the wiki that describes these things briefly: jME3 Special Effects Overview :: jMonkeyEngine Docs

I think it is similar to the unity document you linked, but if any key points are missing then I’m sure we could benefit from adding it to our wiki as well.

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also: as I know there is a plan to add a more flexible rendering pipeline to JME. (so you would no need manage framebuffers manually)

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Yes I readed this chapter and Camera.RanderBucket chapter which make me even more confused:
[renderQueue,postQueues,OpaqueBucket,TransparentBucket,Post processors are not applied to this bucket with one exception : the FilterPostProcessor]… … …
As a newbee, there are so many concepts and I don’t have a big picture, this is the reason I ask for help.

I agree the wiki lacks a simple way to present the big picture.