Newbie: Doc confusion - TrackingController

Hi again,

sorry for the onslaught of idiot questions but i hope they will become fewer soon.

i notice that from CVS i have a “target” dir that includes a jme.jar and a in that is a reference to a TrackingController class. seems like this class is just what i want, and rather than implement my own, make use of what is there right?

problem is, i don’t understand how to create a TrackingController, as it seems it is not actually a part of the jME jar i compiled from the source in CVS.

am i eyeball spinning crazy, or is this stuff that will appear in a future release?



The files in target should never have been put in CVS. It was a mistake when it happened, and as such those files haven’t been updated (I’ll remove them when I have a chance). So, you are looking at very out of date information.


so, is there something that implements a camera following an object in-game?

the first person shooter input handler works great, but, of course, i’m making a third person game, just to be difficult :wink:



There is a discussion in Code Review about a 3rd Person controller. It’s still in flux as Per and DarkProphet work out the bumps. But it should definately give you a good starting point.

Actually, the one I posted is working great for me :slight_smile: I’m using it in 3 of my games, and have no problem with it.

But if DP sorts out the bugs in his extended version, it’s probably gonna cover more needs.

per - you say you posted a controller? its not in cvs right, it is somewhere else?

if you could point me to the resource, ever so grateful :smiley:


woops sorry, found it ! duh, in the code review