Newbie in the house!

Hi all!

I'm new to the community and wanted to tell you that I am really exited in starting using jME!

First, thank you for the well done wiki, and especially for the tutorial getting started! By the way, I had a problem testing the tests progs included and installing the right graphic card driver solved my problem (as said in the wiki)

So, I'm a virtual reality app developper, and wanted to work over java instead of c++ for my home projects :), I've started to write my own 3ds loader for jogl but I found out that jME offers so much… that I decided to use this solution.

Anyway here is a small question (I admit I haven't search yet, but in case of someone reads this post…), is this possible to run app in applets using jME?

Hope it'll be a long road with this community!



you can check out one of the the Example Applet in the jmetest package:



Thank you, I will check that soon :slight_smile:

edit : As I wrote it in my previous post I did not checked if it was possible or not before asking the question (to avoid the answers like “use the search…”). In the articles I foud this one :