Newbie needs guidance!

Hi everyone…

Please excuse my ignorance on this forum, it's all new to me…I've been reading up all night and my brain is frazzled…Right, where to begin?

I'm an established 3d modeller (3ds and maya), and have been for about 8 years. Just recently my creative director has been complimenting me on my ability to optimize our content, especially if we've put something together for web-distribution. It's always nice to receive compliments from the boss, but I feel a bit of a cheat as I don't really know why I am good at this aspect of the job.

Today the nice comments were flowing once more :? and it was mentioned that  my style of working might lend itself to the mobile gaming industry, so, without further ado I started looking into it… :-o

I would sincerely love to be involved in this industry, but am also humbly mindful that I have no idea about JRE platforms, GUI's, physics, sprites, etc etc etc, and the learning curve maybe to steep for this stage in my career…

…So I guess the first question is this:

Is there any software out there that utilisies a user interface (requires light scripting) for idiots - ie: Me - For creating 3d Mobile gaming content? (or 2d for that matter)

…Next question

If there isn't, is there a learning system that will fast track me to my first title?

…Last question/s

The further I looked into the industry, the more enthusiastic I became due to the possibilities, however, there is obviously many limitations to providing mobile content, so does anybody know roughly how heavy in memory my application should be (I was told about 60 - 200k depending on the handset, but have not been able to confirm this)…What I suppose I am really looking for is a good starting point. Any pointers that you are able to give me will be gratefully received.

Kind regards

Mark Rogers

em…sry i dont know anything about mobile 2d stuff. but if u r a good artist, especially u r good at maya, 3d games especially mmos should be the things u should really look into. well thats my opinion ha.

but anyways, good luck~ :smiley:

This should be in Off Topic has it appears to have nothing to do with jME (although I get the feeling a confusion between the jMonkey Engine (jME) and Java Mobile Edition (JavaME) has been made)

AS for your question you might want to check out the netBeans IDE.

New game builder. Now it's easier to create mobile games with the Mobility Pack's visual editing support for the MIDP 2.0 Game API. The API supports animated sprites and the ability to arrange tiled layers into scenes.
Gentleman Hal said:

(although I get the feeling a confusion between the jMonkey Engine (jME) and Java Mobile Edition (JavaME) has been made)

yep: J2ME is not jME, crazydiamond

Or in other words: this forum does not deal with mobile games in general