Newbie question...Scene XML? (aka from ManyLights test)

Is there any documentation on the xml? or any tools that can be used to generate 'scenes'?

Searching around the forums I saw some references to OGRE…and I'm beginning to think that I can use Blender to create a 'scene' aka the static world for my game, and use an ogre plugin to generate the scene xml, and associated data.

is that correct?

any pointers/tips greatly appreciated.

BTW: I have update my version of TestChooser to:

  1. Not dispose of the TestChooser when launching a test (not sure why it would be in there in first place?)
  2. Enabled double click on test to start it.

    Would anyone or the community be interested in this version? (the change are pretty minimal, and anyone with Swing experience can prolly replicate it in like 15 minutes).

never mind, more poking around I found this thread: