Newbie question

@toolforger said: I'll put up a draft in a few hours.

:? Our wiki mentions executors as the only proper solution:

Ah, I didn’t look at the followup paragraphs.
You’re right, it’s all there.

Somehow the introductory paragraph derailed me completely. It’s describing an implementation detail inside a worker thread, and I had a WTF moment when I realized that it advocates passing a scenegraph node to the worker thread - wouldn’t that cause race conditions, or am I misunderstanding something about it?
If one ignores that introductory paragraph, the overall flow of the page seems to be okay. Maybe one should talk a bit about how reading the scene graph from the worker thrad is a no-no, and maybe the whole thing still has some room for streamlining.

I’m not in the best position to do that right now, the current heat wave is causing me sleep issues and my brain is all cobwebby.