Newbie, should we start on JME1 or 2?

Hello, new here and wanting to dive in and start messing with jme within an applet.

Would it be a step back for me to start with JME1 since it's the most documented, I don't want to waste time having to port over to jme2 if it ends up supporting applets better or something else that I would want. I also don't want to try to learn something that isn't documented yet either.

I guess it comes down to what you guys would recommend for someone just starting out with this.

Or maybe jmonkey isn't good for me as a new games programmer who wishes to create a applet based 3d game, most of the books out there seem to be focusing on java3d or jogl that I have seen so far.

Thanks for any and all info that can help me on my path to the working multiplayer 3d applet :slight_smile:


Well, applet support is better in jME 2. But docs aren't :expressionless: - most wiki stuff is on jME 1

If you're new to jME start with a standalone app with jME 1. When you're familiar with that you can start coding your applet with jME 2.


That is the path I was thinking of using since I really will need to docs to start with and maybe by the time I get the hang of jme the applet support will be even better in jme2. I know it's considered somewhat lame to stick to the browser applets nowadays but I think the instant play style will help me get others to actually try my game possibly.

Maybe by the time I've learned enough to really start producing anything, JWS will be widely used and accepted enough so users won't be scared to hit that download/run button like some are now.

It seems vastly superior to take away those applet limitations.


Reading your post something rang a bell to me. I went back searching and came up with this post by jeff:

I quote from there:

LWJGL, and thus JME, can be run just fine in traditional Applets.  They just require that you sign the applet and that the user click an approval box to give you permission to run.  Applets do have some limitations, but most can be circumvented by this method.

If you are willing to limit yourself to Java 1.6, Applets received a MAJOR upgrade in  1.6.  They are now effectively Java Webstart Apps that are just embedded in a browser window and have all the power of Webstart apps. One of the limits of pre 1.6 applets that you couldn't sign your way around was that you couldnt set java command line flags such as the memory size.  The 1.6 applets fix this.

Seems like applets are not that bad a choice now...

Wow! this is great news. I wasn't aware that with java 1.6 you could pass command line arguments to allow more ram, etc. :slight_smile: Well actually if this post is right it seems that it isn't really a applet at all but a webstart app embedded into the browser. I do intend to require the latest java VM and limiting myself to WIN/MAC/LINUX anyway so this is just what I need.

I always wanted a reason to really dig into java a bit harder :slight_smile: I have come to the conclusion that JME will be my tool of choice to accomplish what I want. This is after looking at "kit" type mmo systems and the like also, It'll be a bit more work but in the end I think i'll be happier with this.


The only thing is that I think mac support of Java 6 is limited   :(.  I think it is limited to 64-bit systems and only a specific version of the OS.  Someone correct me if I'm wrong.