Hello Everyone,

I’m new in JMonkey. I tried running the examples in Jmonkey 3.0 Platform but it returns a lot of errors. Can anyone help me on this? Is there anyway we can search the forum for particular keywords or topics. I’m sure other people have come across my problem before.

God Bless

But, what IS the problem?

try to write step by step, what you have done.

There is a google search at the right of this page, right under the SDK alpha 4 download picture.

Or, the search field and button at the top right of the page.

Hi have solved the problem

  1. Please set the SVN to update NIghtly build.
  2. Restart JME3 Engine
  3. Delete the old JmeTests project
  4. In windows also delete the default JmeTests directory
  5. Recreate the JmeTest Project ( File → New Project → JME3 → JME3Test