Hi everybody,

Last week I found jME it was very impressive at first view, I have a basic understand of Java but I am already a python programmer, I installed jME in netbeans with sucess, I have one question: Is it possible to get started with jME only with a basic tutorial of Java? I would like to learn how to use this engine, but at first view it sounded to me very complex. Thx everybody.

what do you mean by "basic" java?  You definitely don't need to be pr0 java expert to use jme, but the more you know, the better off you are.  If you know all the java syntax, you're ok.

If you're bright and can pick up on things quickly, you can slowly learn how to use jme.  jme was the first graphics engine I've worked with, I learned most of what I know about 3d programming from examining and writing some jme source code.

There are a couple of tutorials on wiki you might want to look at.  Most of them are jme v1 so they're a little outdated (source might not work), but the concepts are all the same.

Yes, you can, it's very easy to use. If you really think it is hard, look at CrystalSpace, that is insanely hard.

Ok, thanks guys, I am currently using Panda3D it is very simple to use with python, but I would like to use the jME, as I said earlier the samples are very beautiful, but to do a simple hello world It's necessary a set of configuration in the IDE, and the code necessary to do it is a little big. Anyway I want to try it.

If you dont like the java syntax them you can try jython. I am using it right now as a scripting language for my game.