Newbie's question: what is the best Java version for JMonkey as of 9/14/2021

Hi there,

I have just learned that the non LTS Oracle Java is free to use.

Does this mean if I write Java games, I can distribute my games for free? Does this mean Oracle Java is the best Java for JMonkey?

Thank you.

Oracle had some issues with their new licensing. Can’t just remember what it was. But many have migrated to This is the easiest licensing-wise. They don’t have Java 17 just yet there, usually about a week or two delay.

For Java version it is up-to-you. Of course i.e. SDK 3.3 support goes only up to 14. You can still use an IDE of your choice and that is then the limiting factor.

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Thank you.

I’m currenly using Amazon Corretto. It contains amazon-specific fixes and backports.

Thank you. The price is free that is nice.