Newbies Unite! (Skype, Join Me, Book Reading)

Hello, I am going through my new jmonkeyengine book and am looking for something to get involved in. I could even send the book to someone if they wanted to go through it with me. I also wanted use Skype as social outlet to talk to other jMonkies, learn, assist, and stay motivated. I am on chapter 3, but I would happily assist anyone who needs it.


If anyone needs some entry level assistance. I can help you with your coding chores.

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Also, if you know anyone who needs assistance. Please let them know where to find me.

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Neat idea :wink:

Just aska ny questions in the forum :slight_smile: if you want to know something sepcific from/for the book/tutorials ect.

Often the larger projects are quite some work to get into so do not wonder if you get few replies for this. But often it takes very long to introduce someone to them, that could instead also be spend on coding :slight_smile: At least this kinda applies to my project , combined with rapid technological changes under the hood. (so keeping someone up to date alone eats a few hours each week)

I suggest to just roll your own small project, (!small!) and try to finish it.

Speaking about the book, given all the development on the engine recently, is the content of the book still all valid? I wanted to buy the book for myself, but wasnt sure how relevant the content still was.

Which book did you write?

I did not write the book however the book is just the jMonkeyEngine3.0 Beginner’s Guide. -Ruth Kusterer

Assuming you wanted to read through it I could email it to you

Or… he could purchase it as it’s a commercial book. Ruth spend a considerable amount of her time on this and she deserves to have some compensation, don’t you think ?


I agree it should be purchased and all the information in the book is still relevant as the jMonkey game engine has not upgraded beyond the 3.0.