Newby looking to use jmonkeyengine3 in a NB RCP application, scenes in various TopComponent instance


I’m a newby to jmonkeyengine. Long time NB IDE and RCP contributor though. The subject says it all mostly, but I will explain.

I see the SimpleApplication class and that it extends Application, but is there a tutorial on using scenes or scene graphs in existing application views versus letting the jmonkeyengine APIs drive the application? If not, 1 - is this supported, and 2 - where should I start documentation wise less a tutorial; I don’t mind digging into some code either if someone can get me headed in the right direction. I figure SimpleApplication and Application would be a start of course.

Too, I have BRLCAD geometry files/databases or models which I need to use. Does anyone have any experience with those and jmonkeyengine? I was trying to find something to go from brlcad to blender or brlcad to ogrexml directly.

These two things play together in my current project. I have these brlcad files stored in a network service (a geometry catalog service). I then have analysis files which link machine definitions and geometry to other information and objects. I want to lay these things out into a 3D scene. So, instead of a video game this will become an editor of information using 3D rendering; machiens get placed at various coordinates within the scene and other things get placed near them, and I need to analyze the machines interactions with those things placed near them using other algorithms, but the 3D placement is to aid the users better than the 2D editor which we currently have.

I am currently thinking that jmonkeyengine will be good for that as it lets me tie in event listeners, add things to a scene graph, and overall move things around and place them. Is this a valid use of the engine? If not, do you have any recommendations as to another project which may be better suited. My current application, based on NB RCP, is of course a Swing application.

Thank you very much,


Sure it’s a good choice !

Quickly : @normen is the Jmonkey <-> NB RCP master chief.

multiple view was also my first idea (with several tab) but for performance reason i suggest you to follow the Jmonkey Platform architecture.

SimpleApplication is a good starting point but the most efficient tit was for me) is to connect to the Jmonley repository and study the platforme source code. If you are familiar with netbeans RCP, it would be the quickest way to have a good (and working) implementation.

i suggest after that to go back on the forum for talking about optimization but at least take in accounts theses points.