Next Release (0.5)

Alrighty, it’s coming up. I’m going to do the following: Add MD3, create a rectangle class to support Particles and a couple little clean ups here and there. That means, I think we can be done and ready for a release by the end of the month.

Does everyone think they can be at a point to release then?

Try to get any documentation that fell behind updated by then, if you have time.

Let me know if there is any last feature that you guys need in, that will take longer than 2 weeks.

I’m all set. Once we clear up the issues with models and webstart, I’ll send you the php script/jnlp file and we can officially launch (yes, pun intended) the JNLP section of the website.

Did you try the change in the model? Specifically, readFully that I added?

That apparently helped someone else with his webstart issues.

"Cock…", "Roger, Holding"…Lol, i thought it was funny. Anyways, yes, im all set.

Well, it turns out that I will be out of town for work next week. So, I am going to hold off on MD3 for later. 0.5 will still be out at the end of the month, MD3 will be added sometime in the future.

Ok, I’m finished with the latest release. I won’t be adding MD3 this time around. I’m just going to support Eric getting the Webstart stuff up and running, and clean a few things up.

Ok, I’m going to release 0.5 Saturday, one week from today. Last task is to help Eric figure out this Milkshape Webstart issue, and documentation. So, try to get as much documentation done to all your stuff as you can guys.

As I said before, I’m going to work on LOD and Terrain for 0.6. Gregg will continue adding features to the GUI, and DarkProphet will keep enhancing particles and work on his transitional effects.

Eric, what were you planning on doing? If you feel the core is strong and want to move on, let me know. I can give you a list of suggestions :slight_smile:

Arman, are you planning on getting Ogg support in?

Way to go guys, this is going to be the best release yet, with the most single features. I really appreciate all your hard work.


I don’t think It will be possible for me to add ogg support for 0.5 maybe for 0.6 (I’m missing time for the moment :frowning: )