Next release(s) of the Engine

lol. Sorry… been distracted lately. I will try to take another pass tonight.

I suspect you have gotten much better at filtering the fixes from the changes, though.


I think your list looks ok. (at least in some much as based on your descriptions since I didn’t manually search for any of the PRs.)

As for the TBDs, that AppSettings one is really tempting but it’s possible people are accidentally relying on the broken behavior, I guess.

re: the nifty upgrade, in theory it’s ok. Presumes they are as strict about what constitutes a point-point update as we are. I guess it fixes some issues?

Edit: the traversal order fix could break someone that relied on the bad order… (but also shame on them… :))


Thanks, Paul.

I haven’t looked closely at what’s in Nifty v1.4.3. I am aware of one relevant issue that it fixes (

As soon as I get caught up today, I’ll begin cherrypicking the commits. If nothing goes wrong, we’ll soon have a v3.2.3 release.


Cherrypicking is complete. If anyone wants to do some testing, now’s the time: git clone the v3.2 branch and do a ./gradlew install.

I believe the next steps will be to edit the and push a v3.2.3-stable tag.


Nope. Hold on, I broke the build.

Better now.

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Are you going to change the files in the v3.2 branch?

Yes, after I’ve run some tests.

So far, testing has uncovered 2 new issues. sigh

jMonkeyEngine v3.2.3 is built and deployed. Change log is here:

Pre-build JARs are available from BinTray:

I trust @Darkchaos will release a 3.2.3 SDK at his earliest convenience.


Thank you for your hard work @sgold!

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Thanks @sgold! Great to see this release out.

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Thanks man. Great work

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I couldn’t have done it without the community’s support.


WTG, @sgold! Thanks for the hard work!

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Great job @sgold. Thank you for helping me out in the pull request.

What are pre-build Jars?

I think he meant “prebuilt”. Just a typo.

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Correct, as usual.

Perhaps there should be a 3.2.4 release of the JME libraries.

Motivation might come from the following issues that impact v3.2.3:

I’m thinking sometime in early July. I’m willing to manage said release.


i see milestone was set for 3.3. also see its already in 3.3,
so i understand its just moving this commits into 3.2 to let 3.2 also have them.

in JME github page README there is:

jMonkeyEngine is a 3D game engine for adventurous Java developers. It’s open-source, cross-platform, and cutting-edge. 3.2.2 is the latest stable version of the jMonkeyEngine 3 SDK, a complete game development suite. We’ll release 3.2.x updates until the major 3.3 release arrives.

i think it would require some changes.

its just moving this commits into 3.2 to let 3.2 also have them

It’s much more than that. In some cases the fixes aren’t yet committed to master branch.

If we decide to proceed, my first move would be create a “3.2.4” milestone at GitHub and re-target some issues to it.

i think it would require some changes

Changing the README is easy. The hard part is deciding what it should say.

After I released v3.2.3 of the Engine, I held off updating the README because there was no 3.2.3 SDK yet. There’s still no 3.2.3 SDK. As a long-time SDK user, I’m sad about that.