Next release(s) of the Engine


lol. Sorry… been distracted lately. I will try to take another pass tonight.

I suspect you have gotten much better at filtering the fixes from the changes, though.


I think your list looks ok. (at least in some much as based on your descriptions since I didn’t manually search for any of the PRs.)

As for the TBDs, that AppSettings one is really tempting but it’s possible people are accidentally relying on the broken behavior, I guess.

re: the nifty upgrade, in theory it’s ok. Presumes they are as strict about what constitutes a point-point update as we are. I guess it fixes some issues?

Edit: the traversal order fix could break someone that relied on the bad order… (but also shame on them… :))


Thanks, Paul.

I haven’t looked closely at what’s in Nifty v1.4.3. I am aware of one relevant issue that it fixes (

As soon as I get caught up today, I’ll begin cherrypicking the commits. If nothing goes wrong, we’ll soon have a v3.2.3 release.


Cherrypicking is complete. If anyone wants to do some testing, now’s the time: git clone the v3.2 branch and do a ./gradlew install.

I believe the next steps will be to edit the and push a v3.2.3-stable tag.


Nope. Hold on, I broke the build.


Better now.


Are you going to change the files in the v3.2 branch?


Yes, after I’ve run some tests.

So far, testing has uncovered 2 new issues. sigh


jMonkeyEngine v3.2.3 is built and deployed. Change log is here:

Pre-build JARs are available from BinTray:

I trust @Darkchaos will release a 3.2.3 SDK at his earliest convenience.


Thank you for your hard work @sgold!


Thanks @sgold! Great to see this release out.


Thanks man. Great work


I couldn’t have done it without the community’s support.


WTG, @sgold! Thanks for the hard work!


Great job @sgold. Thank you for helping me out in the pull request.

What are pre-build Jars?


I think he meant “prebuilt”. Just a typo.


Correct, as usual.