Nexus 7 shows qubic grafik

Anyone know something about this graphic problem?

I tested it on a sony compact to, it looks a lot better there.

scale 16.0f

scale 128.0f

scale 256.0f

scale 512.0f

Character and tree textures are low poly and they look like they should. But the ground is looking like a minecraft clone …

This issue should have been fixed in jMonkeyEngine 3.0 stable. You might be using one of the RC or beta versions.

Working with SDK 3.0 stable version right now.

In this case, what do you prefer than?

I tried again today, downloaded “JME3 SDK x86 for Windows” from
Activated plugin: “46 Standard Plugins” + “Android Support SDK Version 3.0.10”, nothing else has been changed.

Still got the same picture, any idea what iam doing wrong?

I tried with activating TriPlanar and iam getting a bit a better result but it is still there …
Texture scale is set to: 0.49805447

General Question: Has anyone ever got or seen a good looking terrain with JME3 + Android, or is it just a waste of time to try it with Terrain-Editor?

You can try to disable texture compression. In your mainActivity constructor call something like TextureUtil.ENABLE_COMPRESSION = false

Ok lets try this now…


Cant see anychanges …