[NH] - New Horizons

Project name: New Horizons

Game type:  MM Fps/Dogfight/Trade/Rpg

Links:  http://empirephoenix.de/New_Horizons/  (nothing to see yet)

           Video from "prototype" I created in Garrysmod, before I decided to use a better suitable Engine


License:  Source if asked, except some security critical parts (cheating).

Recruiting  : Well if you want, you can ask, but untill the Framework is done there isn't much to do

Contact:  admin@empirephoenix.de

Status:  Framework creation.


Decided to restart with the Game-Engine since the last approach had some large mistakes in the core.

->Client side Level loading mostly complete

->After deciding to implement own network code,

->Own networksystem mostly done (but not implemented yet)

->Currently trying to get one of the Physicsimplementations to work as I want them.

->Hunting several minor Memoryleaks in the testproject

->UpdaterSystem complete (misses uninstall option however)

->Basic Models done

->All general design and gamelogic ideas done


Well this is a mixout of anything I like :slight_smile: So you can …

… go explore the universe

… fight large space battles

… Destroy other ships for Fun or to serve your choosen Faction

… Create Space stations or build Astroid based ones.

… build your ship out of elemental parts in a design of your choice, every ship is unique

What makes the Game special:

… some of your actions have a real impact to the game world.

… a Faction KI controlls the highest levels of each Faction, and parts of their Relation indirectly (for example generate invasion missions if it seems to serve the intrest of it's own Faction)

… this Results in an ever changing world, if one Faction gets much power, the others might start to fight against it, or choose to work under it, some might also decide to do a gurellia war if they have already lost.

… Cluster based Enviroment, one large Server for all each  map runs in one server application.

More details will follow soon

Active Members (without Prototype ones):

[table][tr][td]Empire Phoenix
Dark Noir


…this really looks awsome  8)!

How long have you guys been working on this allready?

I'll put it into the overview list when i have a minute.  It's definately worth it!

Keep up the good work.

On the first Prototype i started to work about 2 years ago.

@Empire Phoenix: With regards to the thread malfunction, please try reply to this thread once again.

Thank you seems to work now :slight_smile:

Now I just need to update the game info as soon as i return from work.

Updated info