Nice job guys

I am fairly new to 3d stuff, but finally i am sateled down with an engine, now i shall concentrate on something to learn, trying to implement the 3d stuff with it. Nice and great job gues, its fairly easy trying to make 3d stuff with your engine mojo.

just wondering when will the documenation be ready ?

just wondering when will the documenation be ready ?

It's going slow right now, current life/work situations is keeping me pretty much so busy, I just have enough time for the forums. I'm thinking about some sort of community documentation (wiki) to start with, then I'll take all the contributions and "unify" it into a single Guide. I just can't seem to figure out how to install wiki.

A wiki will definitely be a good thing. Two thumbs up from me for this idea.

If you have pgp and mysql available on your webserver, give tikiwiki a try.

I looked at Tikiwiki, I really liked how it looked. However, my web admin skills are so lacking it’s not even funny. Plus, I don’t know how I’d install it. I use a webhosting company which does have php and mysql. I just don’t know how I’d go about installing it.

I just checked the tikiwiki site again after a couple of months of absence, and in the meantime the even got movies about how to install :slight_smile: