Nickyland Cube Simulation


I’d like to give a quick view on my current projekt. It’s kind of minecraft (huuu, who has ever thought of reprogramming minecraft? :-)), but plans are to make the game much more kind of a simulation (like Sims) and a little bit of roleplaying.

Here’s a first preview of the rendered 10x10 chunk world (extensible).

For educational purposes, i did not use the cube framework, but implemented my own Cube-Model → GL-Model routines and an own collision detection and mini-Physics


Great man. Have you github repo?

Thanks :smile:
No, I don’t have a github repository right now. It’s a too early stage of the projekt. I’ll give you some info in this thread if I checked it in.

58 fps are too low,are you using V-sync?

I think, he just capped FPS at 60 via settings. :wink:

No, not via the setting, but I’m using Linux with default Open Source OpenGL drivers which set v-sync by default.

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Okay, thx