[Nifty] Adding button and controls dynamically


I am trying to dynamically build a screen. I am loading a Nifty configuration XML and then adding labels to the appropriate panel.

I can easily create labels using LabelCreator, however I’m having some trouble figuring out how to dynamically create and add a button to a panel.

Thanks for your help!

wait for nifty 1.3. there’s a builder pattern setup there which allows programatically seting up entire Nifty screens. This should greatly help your idea along.

I had guessed that when I was looking at the trunk code (I found all those fancy builders which I couldn’t use in 1.2 :D).

Looks good. I’ll try to download and compile 1.3, and see if that solves one other visual artifact that’s driving me nuts.


getting nifty 1.3 to work with jme3 requires some tweaking in the jme3 code…

contact me on MSN and I can walk you through it