Nifty, align panel to bottom? (Solved)

I’m wondering, how do you exactly align something to the bottom of the parent?

This is what I have now:

    <layer id="gui" childLayout="center">
        <panel id="main" childLayout="vertical" width="100%" height="100%">
            <panel id="test" backgroundColor="#ff06" width="100%" height="32px" valign="bottom" childLayout="horizontal">


But it’s not aligning to the bottom, it’s drawn at the top.

What am I missing here?

If I’m right, you can’t valign a vertical layout but you can play with more panels to achieve the same thing.

What about horizontal or absolute layout? can I valign then? Surely the valign attribute must do something?

Ok, I solved it by using a vertical layout and adding a panel in the middle with height set to *, so it stretches and the last element is then placed at the bottom.

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