Nifty and picking

Hey guys,

does anyone have an idea how I could prevent picking actions when my cursor is above gui elements?

For example:

At the bottom is my HUD. If I click on certain elements in the HUD the click goes through and I trigger mouse actions.

Obviously I could just just prevent every mouse action below a certain point Y on the screen but that should be my last resort. Maybe there is an even better way that I’m not aware of.

My second problem is that the panel at the bottom doesn’t fill out the whole screen, It has width=100% and is vertically aligned to the bottom but you can still see the field in the background.

That’s all for now :smiley:

best wishes,


don’t know about the alignment part, but the whole mouse picking part should be fixed when Void releases nifty 1.3.

The layout part could have something to do with margins or padding though, just a thought


The layout is because of the shadow of the panel on the right and bottom edges, you’ll have to edit the style to change that.