Nifty appearing under gui node

Hello all,

I have nifty working nicely except for this problem which I can’t fathom, I want to use quads on the guiNode for something that Nifty would just complicate, however I need a textfield that goes over these quads.

I tried changing the order which things were added and fiddled with a few Z positions but nothing seemed to change the Z order so is there a fix for this?


Maybe it helps you:

Thanks but it didn’t help.

I did manage to fix the problem by moving Nifty into it’s own viewport.

[java]// Create the camera
Camera niftyCamera = new Camera(cam.getWidth(), cam.getHeight());

    // Create the viewport
    ViewPort niftyViewPort = renderManager.createPostView("Nifty View", niftyCamera);
    // Create the display
    NiftyJmeDisplay niftyJmeDisplay = new NiftyJmeDisplay(assetManager,

inputManager, audioRenderer, niftyViewPort);

    // Get a nifty reference from the display
    Nifty nifty = niftyJmeDisplay.getNifty();
    // Load the XML file
    // Set the starting screen
    // Add the nifty display the a viewport;