Nifty console charset

Hello i have a problem with nifty console, I use it as a in game chat, the problem is that im in Sweden and ve have the chars ÅÄÖ and the console doesn’t seem to support them. The other nifty controls textbox and so works just fine. I use UTF-8 in the xml and it should work in Sweden.

any help would be much appreciated

Anyone got any idea what’s going on with the nifty console charset problem?


Probably because of the font not containing these.

maybe the font your using, doesn’t support them? just hazarding at a guess, i’ve no idea about nifty and UTF

Nifty/jME3 supports UTF8 fonts. You need to generate the font textures manually because some of the built-in ones might be english only.

I added a font using font creator then i wrote in the xml file

[xml]<control font="Interface/Fonts/Monospaced.fnt" id="console" name="nifty-console" lines="5" align="center" valign="center" />[/xml]

it didint work, how do i change the console font?

I also tryed to change oher fonts.

[xml]<text id="user" font="Interface/Fonts/Monospaced.fnt" color="#FFFFFF" text="Username" align="center" valign="center" />[/xml]

it worked

How do i change the font in the Nifty console?

Is there anybody out there who can show me how to change the nify console font? if its possible.

Can someone just tell me if it’s possible to change the nifty console font textures.

find “nifty-console-style.xml” in your jar files and change:

[xml] <style id=“nifty-console-textfield#text”>

<attributes font=“console.fnt” selectionColor="#f00f" visibleToMouse=“false” align=“left” textHAlign=“left” textVAlign=“center” valign=“center”/>



[xml] <style id=“nifty-console-textfield#text”>

<attributes font=“my-cool-font-with-stuff.fnt” selectionColor="#f00f" visibleToMouse=“false” align=“left” textHAlign=“left” textVAlign=“center” valign=“center”/>



This will change the font of the input text field. There should be a similar line somewhere in that same file that specifies the font for the console output.

ok it worked, thank you. I think it would be a good idea to be able to do it from the xml file tho.