Nifty: Disabling the "hint" hover effect

Hello everyone,
I need some help using nifty. My inventory system has some images that represent the items. If you click first one and then another, the item is transferred. But now to my problem: I have added a hoverEffect (the “hint”) to the images, they work fine, but I need to know some things: How can I disable them programatically, and how can I (also programmatically) change the text?
Oh, and my GUI is done using java builders.

Thank you in advance for any help.

Any help here?
I really need this.

I’ve never tried to disable the hint effect so I’m not sure it would work, but you could get the effect manager from the element and then find the effect and try the “disable” method on effect. I have no idea if it would work or not.

I also don’t see how to to this in a nice way. I tried to search for it on the wiki, might be a good idea for you do it also: Effects · nifty-gui/nifty-gui Wiki · GitHub.

I’ve read something about a “parent-parameter”-thingy that would disable the effect if I specified something in the builder.
Does anyone have an idea if (and how) that might work?