Nifty doesn´t update, Main Thread is busy

Hey all,

This is only a little problem but I was wondering how to solve it:
When loading the game world, I just wanted a little nifty-text displaying “connecting to server…”, “loading world…” and so on.
But when I am loading the world, it looks like Nifty refuses to update after something like
[java]nifty.getScreen(“loading”).findElementByName(“loading_message”).getRenderer(TextRenderer.class).setText(“Loading World…”);[/java]
That may be because the program might be busy calculating the actual world (it´s procedurally generated).

Is there a way for me to say: “Nifty, here is your text, now display it, so I can get back to the calculations”
Or maybe I missed something basic?
Thanks in advance

This should help you understand why it doesn’t work:

Yeah, I thought that this was the problem, I just didn´t know how to fix it.
Solution (as described in the link :slight_smile: ) : let simple update run once.
I thought it may be nicer to just update the screen manually, but this surely does work as well, thanks.