Nifty draggable panel dissappears after clicking


I’m working on a MMORPG. We already made the basis interface but now we want to make some items draggable. But after clicking on the draggable panel (from this example it just dissappears. This is what I get: WARNING: missing popup [draggablePopup] o_O

I have already downloaded the latest nightly build but I can’t get it to work. I would appreciate if somebody could help me out.

Thanks in advance,


Sorry for bump but I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out.

This example you mentioned works here without any issues.

I’m pretty sure you’re missing either the latest version of the




Can you make sure you have both in the latest version?

If you’re sure you have all versions updated … well, have you modified some of the xml or do you use the example as is?


Thanks for your response.

I downloaded both nifty-default-controls-1.3-20110522.190506-84.jar and nifty-style-black-1.3-20110522.190451-70.jar. Is this all I need? And I am sure I’ve used the example as it is.

yes, that looks good. very odd :confused:

Can you send a screenshot of the example and describe what exactly you’re dragging? Sorry, but it still looks ok here o_O

Sorry for late answer, I’ve solved it. Somehow it didn’t work with the java code I was using.

Thanks for your help tho :slight_smile:

warforce said:
Sorry for late answer, I've solved it. Somehow it didn't work with the java code I was using.

Thanks for your help tho :)

Please say how so this thread can help others in your situation.

I encountered the same error with Nifty 1.3 and I’ve solved the problem by changing in my code the way I created the popup.

This code does not work and throws a WARNING: Missing Popup[SystemPopup]

[java]final Element element = nifty.createPopup(“SystemPopup”);[/java]

This code works:

[java]final Element element = nifty.createPopupWithId(“SystemPopup”, “SystemPopup”);[/java]

PS: I think the createPopup() has a bug in Nifty 1.3 because it was working in v1.2



the way in which you create/use popup layers has changed a bit in Nifty 1.3

please read:

when you still think there is a bug in 1.3 please file a bug report in the bug tracker at the nifty gui project page at page!