Nifty Editor-Devlog #4

Hi folks,
These two past weeks were quite intensive , but I was able to make some progress in Nifty-Editor development. First of all I’m keeping to change my model and controller design to fit better with the command pattern and to be more easily extensible. I made some progress, I throw away my Action class and I replaced it with object event to make the whole Observer pattern more OO. These changes are in my experimental branch of nifty-editor I hope to push them sooner. About the plug-in it self , I managed to show node hierarchy and properties editing. By now all the properties are strings and they don’t have any custom property editor yet. Anyway It think it worths to be tested a bit with you guys , since as I said I’m not a Netbeans api expert and they could be some hidden bug that I can’t find. So as usual here is the link to download .

About the next weeks I hope to clear the code and make some order. Also right now I have some issue with Git repo , since I have two origin remote with different address , I hope to solve this too and push all my code to my repos. Finally I’ll look to make some custom property editor or the possibility to add effect for an element. Any suggestion it’s always welcome , as soon as the repo will be sync you can see also my implementation and we can argue some changes to my desing! :slight_smile:

Cris :slight_smile:

P.s. Oh I’ve almost forgot there’s a quite annoying bug when you select nodes in Navigator ( the panel on the left ) that freeze the whole gui so be careful ! :slight_smile: before select the elements in the main view and then you can saftely select them in the navigator. After debugging a bit this it seems to be related with findChild method that it’s stuck in a infinite loop probably caused by the ansync loading of nodes. I still don’t know why , I’ll investigating ! Sorry for that …