Nifty Editor-Devlog #6

Hello folks,
Good news. In these weeks I’ve finished the copy&paste support plus a better pop up management in the Desing view. Also I’ve refactor all the editor controller and now I using a command pattern to handle model modifications . it was pretty long but know also undo-redo support works even if It has some problems with JME integration ( see bugs ) . I’ve improved also file loading , now the gui is reloaded only when the file change or is saved .Finally I’ve started to add some custom property editor , by now there are editors for SizeValues and for files. I’m going to publish the new plug in pack soon ( maybe tomorrow ) so you can start to play around with that. I also improve the stability of the plug-in and now should cause less hanendle exceptions.
See my githubs repos with all the changes . ( both nifty-editor and JME forked experimental branch).

About next days I hope to add a bunch of custom editors and also start working with effects! :smiley:


  • The undo/redo actions are active only when you change focus from Desing view to an other component and then get back.
  • Navigator sometimes will not display your gui hierarchy . ( Put a withe line in xml and reload the gui).
  • Navigator won’t show up if you don’t have a nifty-gui file selected in your explorer panel ( Does someone know how to force the navigator to show up even if the current selected node is not DataObject node ? )
  • Change resolution bug could someone, please, test it ? I can’t reproduce in my pc.

I hope you enjoy this devblog :slight_smile:


Hi all the new plug-in is online ! donwload it here . Test it as much as you can and report all the bugs that you have found!

Thanks :slight_smile: .

P.s. the undo/redo shortcuts work so you could work around about bug number 1 using the classic CTRL+Z and CTRL+Y .

Hello guys,
this is a little update about what I’m planning to do. In these days I thought that implementing effects now is to early, because as nifty-editor is now is not ready for every day use. So sorry for this but the effects implementation is delayed. Instead I’m focusing on bug fixing ( 2 of those above are already fixed) and giving some support on create style and control files with also link in your current gui. So since summer of code will end officially today effects will be consindered for the non summer of code period. I hope you understand my reasons and you agree with me about my choices. With that little support on “style and control” the user could personalize his gui a lot and so perceives a better “user-experience”. What do you think? any criticism is welcome.

Cheers. :wink:

I’ll post also here since it’s about my dev progress. Here it is the new icon pack for nifty-editor :slight_smile: I hope you like it!



It’s a very good result coming out of your dev progress, well done! I’m thankful for your effort in this. This will save people hundreds of hours and make our SDK more complete.

I’ve checked out the project and going to spend some time with it to improve it, yes, i always want to corporate in this project.

Yeah, its beginning to look really juicy, I want to add this to the SDK badly :smiley:

Thanks guys for the feedback! @atomix I’m glad that you are still involved. There are a lot of thing to do if we want to have a nice visual editor for every day use!
Today I’ve finished use style and use controls supports but it’s still a bit buggy , I think I’m going to release this version as it is and collect as much user feedback I can so I could have a nice list of bugs and see which are the most annoying. Anyway by now a user could link a syle file in the gui and if he edit it the changes will be reported in the visual editor using a refresh action in the UseStyle node. I’ve made some test and it works well. :slight_smile: final dev blog + .nbm soon!

Final post HERE