[nifty editor] switching to visual mode

I am trying to learn how to use the nifty editor, my problem is that if i write something in the XML mode when i switch to visual mode and back it reloads what i’ve wrote before.

Thanks for your time.

Nifty visual editor is a half finished mess that messes up your work even if you just accidentally click its button.
I’d strongly recommend not using it.

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Thanks for the fast reply,
anything you can recommend just for some basic interface?

Everyone else here would recommend using Lemur as GUI library. However I find it as confusing as nifty and lack of documentation certainly doesn’t help.

Just in case… here is Lemur’s (lack of) documentation:

And several examples:

And some full applications that use it of various levels of complexity:

But that getting started page (the very first link) walks you through creating a basic window with a label and a button.

In general, Lemur works a lot like Swing, AWT, and any number of other GUI libraries. Create containers, add children, position them on screen, add listeners… etc.

I’ve found that Nifty is also lacking in documentation at times, but this is my go to reference for using Nifty. If your’e just starting with your interface you could take a quick look over this as well as the Lemur documentation and hopefully that would help you to make the best choice for you project

This is the thing you need if you use Nifty:

If you are on JME 3.1, it uses Nifty 1.4.2, but the manual is still valid.

Please also remember, fellow monkeys, this is an open source contribution-based community. I implore you to offer your two cents in that regard - and in the nature of open source itself :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the replys and help