Nifty Events in a Popup

Hi all,

I’ve worked around it using the event bus but has anyone else noticed that Nifty doesn’t seem to pay any attention to controllers specified for a popup element? It just took me several hours to get events from mouse clicks coming into my code - it was very frustrating as I could get effects to trigger (playing a sound for example) but just couldn’t get any methods to call. Oddly enough I’m using a popup elsewhere and that doesn’t have a controller specified in the popup but methods in the controller for the parent screen (defined in the same xml file) get called. I did test for that in the second case though (its awkward as the same popup could be popped up from multiple parent screens) and it didn’t seem to happen.

I’d like to understand this behaviour if possible so is anyone able to shed any light on just how popups and screen controllers are supposed to work?