Nifty export to XML

We’re currently designing an exporter that will allow you to use any standard Swing ui builder and generate a Nifty UI from this. We’ve done this before for a conversion from Swing to FengGUI and it has greatly sped up our production of UI elements. It should also make it easier to port from FengGUI to Nifty, because we can use the same source files.

I know it’s possible to load Nifty from XML, but is it also possible to export a Nifty interface that has been created from Java to XML?

Here are some screenshots of our current UI, in FengGUI:

Exporting a nifty gui created through code to xml is currently not possible. But you could always send Void a request.

Well, the data is all there in the runtime representation of the element tree but there is currently no method available to convert that back to xml.

You could take a look at the source and especially at the screen.debugOutput() method for some inspiration if you would like to add this by yourself :slight_smile: This method traverses the runtime element tree and builds a String that contains almost everything about the screen. Something like that could be used to generate XML tags as well. But yes, currently that is not supported.