Nifty fonts. Creating new one


Trying to create my own font to use with nifty. I had to do it manually because the jme SDK’s toolkit (Create->GUI->Font) cannot convert fonts, that are not installed, or are raster fonts. I have managed to create a png file of all glyphs, so all I have to do is to create a description file for it.

The *.fnt file has some properties, that aren’t clear for me.

They are:

  • 1. smooth - ??

  • 2. spacing - ??
  • °
  • 3. xadvance - ??

  • 4. chnl - ??

Can you please explain to me the meanings of these parameters? Thank you.

Why not try this tool:

@InShadow said:
Why not try this tool:

Well, this program wasn't able to load font file I had, but I have found similar one and it worked. Thanks!