Nifty GUI 1.3


has sombody already compiled the Nifty 1.3 lib?

I need a .jar version of the library.

was already the new Nifty library integrated into the jmonkeyengine3 on the svn server?

You can download nightly builds of 1.3 here:

Since 1.3 hasn’t been released yet, its not in jME3

From the bug-tracker it appears to be fairly stable. Guess Void wants it perfect before release :stuck_out_tongue:

I was wondering how different Nifty 1.3 was going to be from 1.2; looks like I’ll have to dive in and find out…


There are some changes in how you set and use Nifty 1.3 in your application.

Because of these changes, Nifty 1.3 currently is NOT compatible with the nightly build from JME3. I have talked to Void about this and it appears @Kirill is already working on this, just not committed to the JME3 SVN yet.

Guys, just wait until its in jme3, we have this conversation every nifty version… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I know. It’s just that Void asked me to test some stuff he build in especially at my request…

The power! I must haves it! I neeeeeeeds it! :stuck_out_tongue:


Nifty 1.3 will concentrate on the standard controls which should work a lot better in 1.3 - more hassle free and more powerful (you could even say: “usable at last” - compared to 1.2 :P) and there have been plenty of bugfixes and improvements all over Nifty. You can finally build GUIs from Java without any XML and last but not least it will work better with HUD like / overlay GUIs because now Nifty can tell JME if it handled mouse events correctly. Keep an eye on the Nifty blog for more informations and you can find all details in the changelog when 1.3 will be released.

We’ve decided to not include it in nightly JME3 builds yet because there have been some stabilization issues. I’m pretty confident that we will have Nifty in JME soon. Just a little more patience please :slight_smile: It will be worth it, I promise :stuck_out_tongue: