Nifty GUI - Custom Listbox

Hello iam relativ new to jmonkey and nifty gui, but until now i made my way through all clifs.

Now it is time to test the community :slight_smile:

I try to build a listbox for my own needs.

Therefore i read the following guide:

I used the code out of the guide and my problem is, that i can see only 1 thin grey line with scrollbars at the location where

i would like to use my customlistbox.

I found out, that something must went wrong with the controldefinition.

If i kill the control element in the xml file inside my customlistbox entry, the listbox becomes

visible in correct shape on my panel.

Can someone check the guide postet above to help me solving my problem with the controldefinition?

I think that the control definition should always have an associated controller, but in the guide there is no one added.


I worked with custom listboxes some time ago. In this post you have an example:

I think it can help you.

thx, i will try this tomorrow, and then post the result