Nifty gui (demo) not working at all with jme3

so the nifty gui example is not working

it does nothing as i click on start or quit buttons

something wrong with jme3???


it can’t work because no actions are defined, i don’t understand the whole demo, nothing is setup correctly…

anyway in my code(controller) i got this

public void startGame()



nifty.gotoScreen(“hud”); // switch to another screen


it does change the screen but do not display anything

in my next controller (hud) i got this


public void initialize(AppStateManager stateManager, Application app) {

super.initialize(stateManager, app);;


((Main)app).StartGame(); // contains my former SimpleApp…SimpleUpdate()


the last two line don’t do anything … it should at least display “something” in the console


ps : as i edit my xml(from the tutorial), it does not show Design/View buttons

but it does for the niftygui demo xml files

can someone tell me what i do wrong ? [edit : i copied the xml from the guidemo, and pasted the content of my former xml and it works, i don’t get it, an xml is an xml]

No, the xml in the sources reference the nifty-examples jar which is not included in the SDK due to its size.

ok sheers