Nifty Gui, Dropping a panel anywhere i want to!


I don’t know if it built-in for nifty gui, but How can I drop something which was dragged on the specific cursor point where it was released? (let’s say a draggable little panel inside a large panel)

right now I have to specify a layout (center,left,right…) but I just want to drag and drop it wherever I want to.
seems like a basic function but I failed to do it.

Please Help !!

Nifty has a built-in control to make a drag/drop action! Look here for some other info.

Thanks, but i think you didn’t read all of my question.
i know the “draggable” and “droppable” mechanism but how can i freely drag and DROP items on screen
so when i drop something it will be DROPPED on the mouse point i released it at.

i know how to do it but it is rather long and complicated… it would probly be easier to use the built in window system

Just use a draggable in layer with revert attribute set to false. <span style=“text-decoration:line-through;”> ( seems like it doesn’t work if the draggable was in a droppable) </span>.
The droppable will be always placed within its parent. So even with revert attribute set to false it will fall back to its parent.