Nifty GUI Font


I have created a font using tool (custom.fnt) and i put the font in my class path. when I specify my font on nifty text, it is not being loaded (not display that text).

Thanks in advance

is their an error message like couldnt found font or something?

post ur code or xml how u defined the text element.

Hi, Grayscale TGA not supported

I am getting this exception.

maybe use a program to convert to a format nifty understands ? photoshop / gimp may help

tralala is right, convert ur custom.tga image to custom.png and edit the imagename in ur .fnt file also to custom.png.

or create ur font with the fontcreator plugin of the jmp

TGA support is minimal at this point. PNG provides better compression and has more features so there’s really no reason not to use it

It is working with png,